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    Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints

    All students and other users of Odyssey Institute training services have the opportunity to provide feedback via surveys, evaluations and via our website. Your feedback is valuable and confidential. Odyssey Institute uses your feedback to inform improved services.

    If you wish to give a compliment, raise a concern, appeal a decision or register a complaint then please follow any of these courses of action:

    • Discuss the issue directly with the staff member you have been in contact with (eg a trainer, assessor or administration officer)
    • Contact the Odyssey Institute Training Manager directly on (03) 8537 7111
    • Write to the Odyssey Institute Training Manager at 202 Nicholson Street, FOOTSCRAY VIC 3011
    • Provide feedback to us via the online form below
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    You do not have to provide your name or contact details. Anonymous feedback is also welcomed, and will be taken seriously.

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    What happens next

    Odyssey House Victoria is committed to responding to all feedback in an appropriate manner.

    Complaints: Complaints are taken seriously, and will be investigated carefully and sensitively. Students are kept informed of the process, and a formal response, such as a letter, email or telephone call will be received (if requested).

    Suggestions: Suggestions are often used to help staff improve amenities, procedures and services. If there is an element of complaint, and some contact detail is provided, suggestions will often also receive a formal response.

    Compliments: We are always grateful for compliments, and are careful to pass them onto all relevant staff members.


    If the feedback is about the Odyssey Institute Training Manager then you may contact the Executive Manager of Community Services by emailing

    You may also provide feedback, compliments and complaints of your experience with any aspect of training provided by Odyssey Institute directly to external agencies such as The Victorian Department of Education and Training and The Australian Skills Quality Authority websites.

    Odyssey Institute is located at

    North and West Metro AOD Service

    level 1/202 Nicholson St, Footscray VIC 3011
    Phone: (03) 8537 7112
    Fax: (03) 9425 9537