As an enterprise based RTO we draw on the expertise of specialists in AOD clinical and therapeutic practices to inform and enhance the quality of our training programs.  You can be confident that the training you receive will be in accordance with industry standards and informed by evidence based practice and current data.

We provide a range of nationally-recognised training programs for those seeking to enter the AOD workforce or for existing workers who wish to enhance their skills in AOD work. As a service provider and a training provider we have a commitment to quality training and educational services.

Odyssey Institute also designs and delivers non-accredited programs to meet the needs of other workforces and agencies who interact with and support clients and families affected by AOD issues.

Our commitment to quality educational and training services enhances our ability to: 

Our current courses

Delivery modes

Odyssey Institute also provides a variety of pathways to completing qualifications

Government Funded Training

If you live or work in Victoria, you may be eligible to access training that is supported by Victorian Government subsidies.

Odyssey Institute offers eligible candidates substantially subsidised enrolments in a range of qualifications.

If you reside in either of the following post code areas of South Australia and New South Wales, you are eligible for Victorian Government funded training.

South Australia: 5262, 5263, 5290, 5291, 5311, 5333, 5340, 5267 – 5272, 5277 – 5279, 5302 – 5304, 5342 – 5345

New South Wales: 2546, 2720, 2548 – 2551, 2625 – 2633, 2640 – 2648, 2650, 2651, 2653, 2655, 2656, 2658 – 2660, 2700, 2707, 2710 – 2717, 2730 – 2739

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